CBD oil and type 2 diabetes

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I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has tried CBD oil for arthritis or anything else for that matter that
might help? I am a type 2 diabetic and as you all know we can't try
everything, but I desperately need something to help me cope with
arthritis in my lower back. I started with paracetamol which isn't much
use and the doctor prescribed co-dydramol which is a bit stronger but
can be addictive so I'm scared to take too many of them! I work in a
school as a teaching assistant, I have a role for September thankfully
but worry that the arthritis will prevent me from doing my job properly.
I would appreciate any advice!!
Posted 27 Sep 2021

silvialong says
I tried, but a lot means how to administer the preparation
Posted 27 Sep 2021

sashatrew says
I have never heard about the relationship between the CBD oil issues and diabetic health issues. However, if we think logically, there could be a relation, but let's leave it to the experts,not to point out our subjective thoughts. First of all it is very important to know that we have to be able to spend a reasonable amount of money on that kind of product to get most CBD oil for your money. Hence, we have to be informative about the content of the CBD,  try to purchase some kind of alternatives and lastly buy in bigger quantities to get some good discounts.
Posted 27 Sep 2021

runningboy says
I wouldn't risk to be honest
Posted 14 Oct 2021

piprut says
Yes, it was good for me. I was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, and this oil was magic for me. I loved the way it relieved my joint pain when I used it before bed. The main thing is to buy CBD oil from a certified store, make sure it is a quality product. I have used it in foods, added it to food or tea https://joyorganics.com/7-top-herbal-teas-and-their-health-benefits/. I've read that many people just take it, but I found the taste to be peculiar. Tried taking it in different ways, but I like it best in drinks.
Posted 19 Oct 2021

Hong78 says
I would probably recommend that you go to a professional for this or do more research on CBD oil on arthiritis. I wouldn't try to make matters in worser condition.

Imanda | www.fengshuiaustin.com

Posted 17 Nov 2021

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