What foods do you have to avoid with the Lapband?

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I read that there are certain foods you cannot eat such as certain vegetables. I was wondering what foods are you no longer able to eat.
Steak? chicken? Broccoli?
Posted 05 Oct 2021

christense says
You should mostly avoid high fiber food, such as celery, corn, oranges, asparagus, pineapples, and sweet potatoes. They usually get caught above the band and can also cause a blockage. When I got my lap band surgery done, I used to it bladderwrack all of the time. It helped a lot with easing my pain, and my surgeon recommended it. It has a lot of health benefits along with relieving pain, such as aiding in weight loss, helping with arthritis, preventing urinary tract infections, and so much more. For all the people who recently got their surgeries done, you should give it a try!
Posted 05 Oct 2021

jackharry says
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Posted 15 Sep 2022

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