What is the difference between Water Wave and Deep Wave Wig

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Deep Wave Wig and water wave wig have similar curl styles. Which hair should you choose? You may be wondering the difference between these two hairstyles. First of all, the main difference lies in the direction of the curl and the amount of curl.

The texture of deep weave hair flows like body waves, weaving regularly, and its curls are tighter than Body Wave Wig. If you want to add more hair to your natural hair, deep weave hair is a good choice because it blends well with your hair and looks bouncy and thick. Again, this is a sexy hair extension, but it looks very normal. This is what you should know, in order to make deep weave  hair longer, you need to take good care of your deep weave hair, just like your hair, to prevent shedding and tangles.

The curly pattern is in the opposite direction. Even 180% of the hair density can create a seemingly large curl, which blends naturally with your own hair, while the deep curly hair faces the same direction, which is relatively flat but romantic and cute than the former. The Water Wave Wig has a wave design, and because the waves weave closer together, they are gradually hinged. The texture of the waves is similar to the waves on the water. It has large curly hair that makes it look natural and makes it look more elegant and beautiful.

So this is your choice. If you want to make it look like a bomb and a crazy exaggerated style, choose water wave, which is also the most popular style on the market, because it is large but will not invest more in 180% density. if you want a cute and sweet look, choose deep waves, curls can be mentioned in some hair suppliers.

What is the difference between Water Wave and Deep Wave Wig
Focus on the amount of hair it produces and the direction in which the curls are laid. This is where you can find significant differences.

If it is a water wave, you can see that its curling pattern is positioned in the opposite direction, so even at the same hair density of 150%, it can form a seemingly large volume and blend naturally with your real hair. However, when it comes to deep waves, the hair faces the same direction, flatter than water waves, but cute and romantic.

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Posted 06 Oct 2021

Posted 05 Oct 2022

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