Rivers Casino nonsense

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Have a buddy that has a slot card at Rivers in Des Plaines. They send him an e-mail that he can play virtual slots at their site and here are
some credits to play with. Remember this is for fun you can't win or
lose real money. He lets his girlfriend play with the credits and she
loses them all.
now a box pops up she can buy credits for real money. 7500 credits for
$99. Let me say again for real money. You can't ever win real money with
these credits.
i would like to know any person who purchased these credits. That would
be way dumber than buying football picks from Steve Stevens or Vegas
Dave. They should be punched in the face. Maybe it would knock some
sense into them.
Posted 24 Oct 2021

They should really be punched in the face!
Posted 24 Oct 2021

Nortman says
?I've never understood people who pay real money for virtual things that
don't make a profit. It's OK if you pay for a full-fledged game that
brings you fun like GTA V, but this is completely different. I think he
should read more about Gamestop UK if he wants his money not to
disappear just like that. After all, a real casino is already better
than the games he plays. In a real casino, you have a good chance to
increase profits, unlike the game he played with his girlfriend. I think
people are not to blame for this, they just don't know about the best
options. I think you should let him know if his financial condition is
important to you.
Posted 24 Oct 2021

Edisons says

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Posted 27 Oct 2021

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