CBD Advanced PEAK but Wondfo negative?

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So I use CBD advanced in the morning and Wondfos in the afternoon.
This cycle, I got 3 days of negative/low fertility (circle), followed by 1 day of high fertility (flashing smiley), and today peak fertility
(solid smiley). 
All Wondfos have been clear negatives. 
What would you go by?
DH doesn’t have super high libido so he’s not able to BD everyday until temp rise :/ trying to guess if we have better chances if we BD
tonight & tomorrow morning or tomorrow morning & Wed morning. 
Posted 26 Oct 2021

If you're wondering whether or not you're pregnant, and you've taken a CBD Advanced PEAK test but got a negative result from Wondfo, it's worth considering a few things. First, it's possible that the test was simply not sensitive enough to detect the pregnancy hormone, HCG, in your urine. Second, it's also possible that you're not as far along in your pregnancy as you thought, and your HCG levels are simply not high enough CBD coupons yet to be detected. In either case, it's important to speak with your healthcare provider to confirm your pregnancy status.
Posted 16 Dec 2022

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