Is it expensive now?

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I am preparing for a grand move. I am making my dream come true - moving to Britain. I want to live in London. Do you think it is expensive now?
Posted 27 Oct 2021

Fivkin says
London is the capital of successful country. It is natural that life in this city will not be cheap. You must be sure that you will have enough money to live comfortably. Moreover, I would advise you to immediately acquire your own home if you have the opportunity. This is a profitable one-time investment, which will give you the opportunity not to spend money on rent. You can see for example this 1 bed flat to buy london . You can see that it is normal price for such flat. Moreover I can say it is proven site, proven flats. You can use their services without any fear
Posted 29 Oct 2021

Ruslan5202 says
To obtain a work visa, you must have an amount of £ 945 in your bank account (for main types of visas - Tier 2, Tier 5). The monetary requirements do not end there: the salary of a foreigner in London must be equal to or higher than certain standards. There are two levels that income must meet. The first is the same for everyone and is currently £ 20,800 per annum.
Posted 01 Nov 2021

Depends on how much you want it
Posted 02 Nov 2021

I think it's great price
Posted 04 Nov 2021

I don`t think so!
Posted 04 Nov 2021

Surely, It can be very expensive. It depends on your requirements. My recommendation is to look over the British property websites and find the middle price 
Posted 02 Dec 2021

Posted 02 Dec 2021

Mathon21 says
Thanks for the information.

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Posted 06 Dec 2021

Olandeep says
It's very cool that you're about to realize your dream. Moving to the UK is a grave step in your life. Probably everyone dreams about it... After such a move, you will need to adapt, which will take time. But after you adapt, you will be able to get comfortable and adjust to the pace of life. To do this faster, it's enough to learn how to save. It helped me a lot in adjusting after moving to Liverpool. Besides, for the first time, I lived in a van, and as the article says /, I managed to save a lot of money.
Posted 15 Feb 2022

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