Hey guys why is the woot delivery so slow?

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Hey guys,Why is the woot delivery so slow. I ordered Microsoft headphones
And they are yet to arrive. The same headphones were approximately $30
more with Amazon prime (2 days shipping). Is it worth the wait?
Posted 27 Oct 2021

julianash says
I also struggle with how slow Woot deliveries are! I hate when that happens since it shows a lack of respect and work ethic to the clients. I would've understood if it was a one-time problem, but I gave woot three chances and they wasted each and every one of them by being so late. I'm disappointed I didn't know about lasership package tracking since I would've tracked the order, and I would've avoided this situation. Anyways, I suggest you get ready and prepare to wait for a while since I don't think they'll be coming anytime soon. I'm talking from personal experience))
Posted 28 Oct 2021

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