BEWARE WINDOWS 10 S mode (- solution)

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After buying a brilliant new notebook I gradually discovered that it was operating on the latest Windows iteration. The latest Windows 10 S is a

The salesman didn't mention that the computer had that O/S, and it did not appear on the packaging. The purpose of S mode is supposedly to provide better protection and security. In reality its purpose is to prevent you from using any Apps except ones you buy from Microsoft.

After days of following the Microsoft maze instructions full of dead
ends set up by Microsoft to obstruct or prevent users from getting rid
of S mode, I finally happened upon this set of instructions from
Microsoft and they actually worked! See

I hope this helps others avoid the endless frustration of trying follow Microsoft's deliberately obscure instructions.

This is an example of a near monopoly exercising unconscionable power over their customers.

Posted 01 Nov 2021

alanruther says
I was in the same situation when I bought my PC! At first, I thought it was a great deal since Windows 10 in S mode is more secure, but it turned out that I could only install apps from the Microsoft Store. It didn't seem like a big deal at first, but I discovered I couldn't download Adobe. Coming from a photographer who uses PhotoShop on a daily basis, that was a bum. I somehow managed to switch it to a normal mode after purchasing the product key from I was lucky to get it at a reasonable price since it can be pretty expensive.
Posted 01 Nov 2021

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