When Did Headband Wigs Become Popular

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Wigs have always been a great hair hack but can be intimidating, especially when they involve bald caps, holding glue and blow dryers. Luckily, hair manufacturers, once more, have listened. Enter the Headband Wigs. Some people love it, while others hate it, but this trending option has eliminated all the fuss of a traditional wig. But before you jump on the bandwagon, here’s what you should know about headband wigs.

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a headband wig.
Less Versatility
This may sound obvious but, if you’re going to purchase a Headband Wig Human Hair, you have to like the headband look, which is why so many have mixed feelings about this kind of wig. Headbands were popular in the 80s/90s and have made various comebacks, but it is a very specific look that you’re locked into when wearing this kind of wig.

But There’s a Variety of Headband Wig Styles
Although wearing a Curly Headband Wig is a style commitment, you can still spice things up with this wig. First, headband wigs come in all the same lengths and textures as regular wigs. You can purchase synthetic or human hair wigs; long, short, blond through black wigs; there are kinky hair wigs, straight wigs and all the textures in between. The market, for once, knows what we want and has been quick to give us options.

The Biggest Benefit: No Blending
Even if you don’t love headbands, you may want to consider having a cheap one in your repertoire, because they truly are a time-saver. You can literally put them on and go, depending on how much of your own hair you want out. If you place the wig over your hairline, you won’t have to do any blending at all.

But do headband wigs damage your hairline?
Headband wigs are *relatively* safer than traditional wigs because there’s no need for glue, strong-hold gels or wig tape. Most wigs do, however, include combs, which over time can thin your hair. Although, if you leave part of your hairline out–placing the wig further back on your head–there’ll be little to no chance of thinning edges. That said, anything that places constant tension on your hairline, be it a headband wig, turban, or wig grip (can) over time, result in hair loss. The key is making sure the wig isn’t applied too tightly and that your hair underneath feels like it has room to breathe. 

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Posted 02 Nov 2021

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