Crippling Addiction

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I’ve stated before my addiction to porn is also connected to my addiction to vaping. The two activities go hand in hand for me so this
process is what feels next to impossible. I do the two activists
simultaneously so it’s become more-so a chemical dependency. Not only do
I have what I believe to be PIED, the nicotine has also weakened my
arousal. As of today I’ve reached the point of feeling pretty much dead
down there- as if there’s nothing to stimulate and that’s what brought
me here.
Posted 06 Nov 2021

christense says
I got addicted to smoking, and I tried to get out of it for many years, but I couldn`t. It`s like you stop eating. A friend of mine recommended me to use the vape because it would help me to stop smoking. Well, I didn`t believe it at first till I saw the results. If you try a different liquid like fresh, you won`t need to smoke again for a few hours. By the way, I recommend you to use if you want to buy the best quality. They have a large range to choose from. I recommend it with all my pleasure.
Posted 06 Nov 2021

hali says
I have addicted cigarette from 5 years and I have experience that the cigarette box quality and design also matter for smoker. I personally prefer the eye catching design and best quality boxes. I also use vape and also prefer best vape cartridge packaging. The vape cartridge boxes have nice design and have good quality.
Posted 13 Jan 2022

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