Winter is simple, comfortable and fashionable to wear

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As fashion develops, the dress that suits middle-aged woman is more and more, for instance extremely simple wind, sexy wind or advanced ripe age wind is very
popular, want to pursue simple and comfortable nevertheless, daily feeling is
strong, so still casual wind suits ordinary people more.
In addition to the dress skills without too much requirement, this way of dressing is also very daily atmosphere, no effort even, but also highlights the
middle-aged woman's own approachable side, full of affinity. This winter falls
in love with this winter "recreational wind", simple and comfortable vogue, a
few minutes girl feeling is appearing in grace, what see Japanese blogger tian
Zhongcai child wears build demonstration!
First, choose loose and comfortable items
The main feature of casual wear is that the items are usually loose, not too emphasis on the sense of curve, which means that casual wear on the wearer's
body tolerance is very large, regardless of height, fat and thin can be easily
controlled, but also to win comfort.
Like in winter, no matter be loose and appropriate recreational sweater or small profile sweater, or profile overcoat, windbreaker, can be used to build
recreational and comfortable breath.
However, it should be noted that these pieces are relatively loose. In order to avoid wearing bloated clothes, it is suggested to choose a more simple and
smooth style with smooth lines to weaken the sense of expansion.
Sweaters are a treasure trove for everyone in winter, keeping them warm, comfortable and gentle. However, slim-fitting sweaters have certain requirements
on the body and can easily cause embarrassment when worn alone.
Loose micro-silhouette sweaters like the above are comfortable and aesthetic, and can be worn alone in winter to create a laid-back and casual atmosphere. The
combination of jeans or dresses is a way for ordinary people to pick up.
Two, the combination of elastic, more obvious relaxation degree
A lot of people may think that casual wind is equal to blindly pursuing loose and comfortable dressing style, in fact, this is very one-sided, casual wind is
not equal to loose and no type.
On the contrary, in the winter with micro profile or profile sheet will be tasted to make not stick to one pattern optional feeling, middle-aged woman
needs to pay attention to jacket, take inside and lower outfit collocation more,
ensure that the dress is contracted and durable not slovenly.
On this point, we can start from two aspects. First, when the jacket is loose, the lower garment needs to be a little narrower than the jacket. For
example, the combination of micro profile jeans jacket and straight knitting
pants is used here, which not only adjusts the figure proportion, but also
Secondly, when the shirt is relatively loose, such as wearing a micro-outline woolen coat, a long windbreaker, and a combination of straight pants or casual
pants, it is recommended to wear a short jacket rather than a hoodie in order to
avoid a lack of shape.
Basic white t-shirts, short sweaters or shirts work well, and can also be used to elevate the waistline to optimize the proportions.
Three, collocation knows the style to harmonize
The combination of hoodies and knitted pants with sweaters belongs to the category of leisure wind, but it is not limited to this. When wearing some tough
and strong pieces, mixing and matching casual pieces can also make the dressing
style change.
For example, the most common winter wear method is a windbreaker with a hoodie, a woolen coat combined with a T-shirt, or a leather coat combined with
dad shoes.
These take a method can have the help of leisure class sheet to play a balanced role, let dress more street sense, reduce age do not break girl
In addition to the interior and shoes, middle-aged women can also start from the bottom, the most common combination of jeans and pants trench coat, woolen
coat or suit.
However, it is important to note that when the jacket is loose, the best choice for jeans straight, flatter the legs and slimmer.
4. Common leisure style items
There are many casual items for winter, such as a denim jacket, a denim shirt, a hoodie, a pair of jeans or sneakers. If you don't have a clue, start
with them.
1. Denim jacket
Denim sheet is tasted as a result of using tannin material material and have other sheet to taste hard to match recreational and fashionable feeling, winter
gives street concave modelling again appropriate nevertheless.
A denim jacket or shirt can also be used in a variety of ways, such as folding sweaters, knit dresses, or as an overcoat.
2, fleece
Hoodie is a very representative item for reducing age. It is comfortable and strong to wear in winter. However, hoodie is recommended to be used as a coat,
which is easier to improve the dressing level.
The best colors for hoodies are beige, gray or black, which are easy to pull off and casual.
3, sneakers
No matter be canvas shoe or small white shoe, can add recreational feeling for modelling, reduce age do not break girl breath again, combination guards
pants, jeans or cigarette pipe pants, careless but very stylish.Read more at: adelaide formal dresses | formal dress online
Posted 09 Nov 2021

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Posted 11 Nov 2021

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