Cartier or VCA - My First Piece of Designer Jewelry

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At the end of this year, I plan on purchasing my first piece of designer jewelry. Normally I stick to purses when making an investment in
myself, but I would like to start building out my humble jewelry
collection a little more. I have some nice, no-brand pieces, but would
love to include a premiere designer. I'm still in the early phases of
making a decision, but wanted to solicit some opinions on some possible
options, cognizant of the fact that I am posting in the Cartier thread
so I am likely to get opinions that skew one way! I am looking for a
somewhat dainty piece that I can wear with anything (but likely not
every day), yet something that has a presence. I've been leaning toward
getting a necklace, but have also seen some earrings that I like very
much. I'm also undecided whether to buy yellow/pink or white gold.
Budget wise, I definitely want to be under $3k. Here are the options I
consider to be frontrunners as of now:
The Cartier Amulette de Cartier - I quite like the malachite or the lapis.
Posted 12 Nov 2021

I consider myself a jewelry addict, but I, unfortunately, didn't get to purchase a designer piece yet, even though it is my biggest dream. Up to that moment, I will just continue to look at those amazing products, pick my favorites and add them to my endless wishlist)) Recently, I started to collect money in a jar. It's not very promising since I'm not the person that can economize, but I guess it was worth a try. Until the moment I'll put my hands on a Cartier, Pandora or Harry Winston product, I'll be thankful to They save me every time. Not expensive but qualitative pieces.
Posted 12 Nov 2021

It's always a tough decision when it comes to investing in your first piece of designer jewelry, especially when you're torn between two iconic brands like Cartier and VCA. However, don't forget to check out lesser-known brands like Mint and Lily , which offer unique and affordable options for those who want to step up their jewelry game without breaking the bank.
Posted 09 Mar 2023

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