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phoenix, United States
Is it a good idea to start a business abroad, considering the Covid situation? I have some capital and I have a pretty good business idea, however, I don't see myself in this country anymore. I can't move right now because of many reasons, but I will as soon as possible, so I was thinking about opening a business to see how it goes.
Posted 15 Nov 2021

If you don't have a strong business idea, it's better not to get involved in this business yet. You need investment and a solid strategy. If you can come up with tactics quickly enough, it's worth finding a lot of money to help you get started. Maybe take out a loan.
Posted 17 Nov 2021

labellim says
I would not advise taking out a loan for your business if you are new to the business because the consequences can be disappointing. That has been my experience. If you want to find reliable help in this matter, the specialists from can help you. This company once helped my business become more efficient in the area I was planning to develop it. On my own, I could not reach the level that I had dreamed of even before creating the business. That is why my project was a great success after experienced professionals took over. I think they can make an absolute explosion of success and results out of your project too.
Posted 17 Nov 2021

Bomond says
In general, it is a good idea to develop and do something new. But you need to look at what kind of product you have and whether there will be demand for it. Maybe you need to do some analytics to find out the future results.
Posted 25 Mar 2023

DenwerMan says
I don't think it's necessary to start a new company or build a business at some critical turning points in history. Either that, or you need to look for more or less normal conditions for this business. If you can, you can try to open an offshore business in countries where it is profitable to do so. Here I advise you to read about Offshore Company Setup in the Emirate of Ajman You may find this information useful.
Posted 25 Mar 2023

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Posted 29 Mar 2023

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