Positive Energy from Buddha Statues Makes You Feel Calm

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The expression of tranquillity on the Buddha’s face is indescribable. So, if you want to buy a Buddha statue online, it doesn’t matter whether it is a Buddha Statue 2 ft or a Ganesh murti for home. The positive energy that you feel from any of these statues fills your home and energizes you like nothing else can.
Posted 16 Nov 2021

If you have a large garden space, give it a makeover by installing a Buddha White Statue. If, however, you prefer to have a Vinayagar Statue inside your house, situate it at one end of your drawing room where it can be appreciated. Depending on the area of your drawing room, a Marble Buddha Statue would be ideal.
Posted 18 Nov 2021

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Posted 19 Nov 2021

If you want a Gautam Buddha Statue, choose a Ganesh Murti for Home. It is perfect for the outdoors or indoors. Made of tough fibre by artistic craftsmen, it symbolizes man’s inherent truth, goodness, and peace. You can also choose to go with a Marble Buddha Statue that is made deftly with high-quality marble.
Posted 22 Nov 2021

For a prayer hall, a Fibre Buddha Statue would be ideal. Else, you can buy a Buddha Statue Online after checking out the various Buddha statues. These are available in several sizes and materials, so think well before buying. A good choice, notwithstanding the room size, is the Vinayagar Statue, known for its calm facial expression.
Posted 23 Nov 2021

risavdhal says
By taking home a Buddha statue, you usher in peace and prosperity. A Buddha statue for home is a symbol of peace that we strive for. If possible, opt for a Fibre Buddha statue that spreads optimism and cheer. The same goes for a Ganesh Murti for home which is believed to take away all obstacles in life.
Posted 02 Dec 2021

By bringing home a Buddha statue online, you seek joy, peace, and prosperity. Place it respectfully on your prayer shelf or prayer room. If possible, order a 3 feet Buddha statue online. But remember to have only one image of the Buddha in your prayer area. A Vinayagar statue is truly symbolic of the ultimate peace and positivity in life. 
Posted 06 Dec 2021

When you enter your new home, placing a Vinayagar statue in the entrance room is a must as it wards off all evil and ushers in peace. You may choose to go with a simple or basic Gautam Buddha statue or you might like to purchase a marble Buddha statue from noted craftsmen, online or offline. That’s your choice.
Posted 08 Dec 2021

Posted 08 Dec 2021

Posted 08 Dec 2021

Posted 08 Dec 2021

Posted 08 Dec 2021

Giving a 2 feet Buddha statue pride of place in your home means that you seek truth, goodness and peace. It is generally carved from black stone and is very appealing to the senses. Alternatively, you can have a Buddha statue online which denotes serenity and positivity. Whichever you choose, a Ganesh murti for home gives a lot of peace of mind.
Posted 10 Dec 2021

A Buddha statue isn’t always kept in a home, you can often see it in gardens too. So, decorate your garden with a Buddha statue with a 2 feet Buddha Statue Online for a dramatic effect. To bring peace and good luck into your home, you might like to get yourself a Ganesh Murti for Home.
Posted 14 Dec 2021

In life, we hope only for peace, prosperity and stability in our financial lives and relationships. On our own, we may not be able to achieve these. But by installing a marble Buddha statue and Buddha white statue in the right corner of your home or even getting a Ganesh murti for home, you may be successful in warding off all problems.
Posted 16 Dec 2021

Posted 17 Dec 2021

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Posted 17 Dec 2021

The joy of bringing home a Buddha statue lies in choosing the right one in size, material and facial expression. For example, the serenity of a Buddha Statue is something you might miss in a 3 Feet Buddha Statue Online carved out of rough stone. But worship lies in our faith and not the construction material of a Vinayagar Statue.
Posted 18 Dec 2021

Often, Japanese gardens have idols of Buddha. Typically, a garden Buddha should face your home, if you want abundance. So, when you set up your 2 feet Buddha statue or your Buddha fountain statue, check that it is correctly positioned. If you seek peace and want to overcome turbulence in your life, opt for a Buddha white statue.
Posted 22 Dec 2021

Hi, These days, it’s not unusual to find a fibre Buddha statue at events like weddings. Indoor or outdoor, they are arrested. Overall, a 2 feet Buddha statue always catches the eye and humbles us, but when you see a Buddha statue, it is a jaw-dropping experience. The serenity, nobility and humility of the Great Master overtakes us.
Posted 24 Dec 2021

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Posted 25 Dec 2021

Devotees in trouble often seek the help of Lord Ganesh. For peace and prosperity in our lives, we buy a Ganesh Murti for Home. Buddhists too, pray to Buddha for peace and stability in life. To feel His spiritual presence in their lives, they worship a Buddha statue. Quite often, they buy a 3 feet Buddha statue online. 
Posted 29 Dec 2021

If you need peace, happiness and prosperity in your life, you should install a white Ganesh in your home. Of course, a Ganesh murti for home in any color or pose will make a huge difference to your current situation. You might also like to add a 2 feet Buddha statue and fibre Buddha statue in your home or garden to attract positive vibes.
Posted 31 Dec 2021

If you are an ardent devotee of Buddha, you would want to be surrounded by statues of Him. Take, for instance, your garden. It’s the perfect place to set up either a Buddha Statue or a 2 feet Buddha statue. In your home, setting up a Buddha white statue is great for serenity and prosperity.
Posted 02 Jan 2022

Life’s problems upset everyone and they cannot find a solution or seek solace. That’s when worshiping a fibre Buddha statue helps. It brings about peace and the confidence to fight problems. Set up a Buddha statue and see the difference. A Vinayagar statue, anyway, will protect you from life’s obstacles and help you overcome them.
Posted 04 Jan 2022

What is known as a Buddha fountain statue is actually polyresin. These statues are easy to maintain and look very nice, so go ahead and install a Gautam Buddha statue in your home or office. Of course, you can always opt for a marble Buddha statue. The serenity of the Lord and the dignity of the marble soothe the mind. 
Posted 06 Jan 2022

Choose a 2 feet Buddha statue or a 3 feet Buddha statue online based on your room size and the impact it will make on anyone entering your space. However, when you install a Buddha statue in your home or office, you attract peace and prosperity. Over time, check out the difference it has made to you. 

Posted 08 Jan 2022

If you worship Lord Buddha, embrace his principles of peace and harmony by buying a Buddha statue online. Either choose a marble Buddha statue or a fibre Buddha statue–it’s your call. The advantages of the former are its attractive design and superb finish. This fibre Buddha statue, on the other hand, is ideal for practicing Dhyan mudra.
Posted 18 Jan 2022

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