What Are Some Of The Most Stunning Lace Front Wigs

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A Lace Front Wigs is a wig that has a thin, nearly invisible lace material to which hairs are tied in one by one. The result is very natural looking hairline and the illusion that the wig hairs grow from your scalp.what are some of the most stunning lace front wigs?

1 Middle Part Hairstyle
One of the many reasons everyone loves frontals is due to the versatility when parting the hair in many ways. Most closures and sew-ins offer one type of part solution. However, when using a 360 Lace Front Wigs the options are endless.

2 Medium Length Wavy Style
If you are an in-between person, this style is for you. Not too short and not too long and easy to maintain. This length allows enough versatility and creative styling without stressing over the length. Medium length wavy hairstyles are easy to maintain and provide a textured beach vibe.

3 Pig Tails
Believe it or not, our childhood hairstyle has made a come back like 13x4 Lace Front Wig. Nowadays you can catch influencers and celebrities alike rocking high pigtails and pigtail buns. This hairstyle is ageless and we are here for it. If you are looking for something fun, cute, and can be easily maintained this is it!

4 High Ponytail
In our opinion, high ponytails are always going to have their moment. Yes, everyone can wear a regular, basic ponytail, however super high, sleek, rapunzel-length ponytails are a look, and the demand to accomplish it is at an all-time high. With the amount of youtube how-to videos, this is one style you can do at home. 
5 Wavy Ombre
There is something about flowing hair going from one color to the next seamlessly. The ombre trend seems like it will be here for a while. Going from darker to lighter is the best way to accomplish the look. When choosing a color, try something that is remotely close to your natural hair color and flows into the color chosen.

6 Long Side Bangs
With the versatility of parting your hair incorporating a long side, along side bang is a great option when you are looking for something to frame your face. Side bangs are known for adding extra volume while giving you a little hair on your face.

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Posted 18 Nov 2021

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