Troubleshooting Steps to Deal with Outlook Mac Rules Not Working!!

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Outlook rules are the automatic rules that are performed on incoming email messages. For instance, a rule will automatically filter all the messages from a specific sender into a folder to review later. When you set the rules, you can streamline your inbox, which helps you become more efficient. 
But sometimes, Outlook users encounter issues Like Outlook Mac rules not working. So, when you troubleshoot these common errors, it will help fix the broken rules to get back to a clean inbox.
Causes of Outlook Rules Not Working
Several unrelated and different errors prevent from running Outlook rules automatically. Here is the compiled list of causes for Outlook rules not working correctly.
  1. Corruption while sending or receiving the settings file.
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  3. Rules exceed the rules quota established for the mailbox.
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  5. Corruption while using IMAP or POP3 account.
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  7. Outlook rules are set to run on one computer only.
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Posted 20 Nov 2021

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