What's reiki?

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Hey, guys. My mom's friend is constantly talking about reiki. Do you know what's that cause I have no idea
Posted 21 Nov 2021

It's a cool Chinese massage. I've tried it a year ago and now I'm having it regularly once or twice a month. You can find some massage centers in your city via the internet. You definitely have to try it out because it's extremely relaxing and it'll help you heal your traumas in case you have any
Posted 22 Nov 2021

MrCracker says
My mother is having reiki sessions once a month and she says that this massage helps her with her back pain so I think it's a cool thingy to try. I'm thing of going with her cause I was injured recently. However, I'm sure that my injury won't get worse during the massage cause I know that the masseurs have completed reiki course online 
Posted 22 Nov 2021

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