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i thinkchallenges are good to get you started perhaps i don't know because i've never
really tried them i think me taking it easy on myself in the beginning
definitely helped because i don't recommend starting five days a week and then
you don't go ever again because you're just too sore or you're too tired i
definitely took it easy i would like if i went twice a week one week i was like
i'm it's all right like i'm just starting off i was focusing my diet taking
care of that and then kind of taking it easy with the exercise and then slowly
slowly you kind of get push yourself more and more there's a fine line between
taking it easy and like not stressing yourself out too much and pushing
yourself i think once you actually get into the groove of going like then you
can start pushing yourself 
Posted 21 Nov 2021

Posted 21 Nov 2021

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