Why would a woman accept a marriage but then accept no sex from H?

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Yes, this is total threadjack from the other similar thread, but I think women living in loveless/sexless marriages is a greater mystery.

For many men, I can understand it..... it's harder for most men to get a
good sex life in the first place and when they do get with someone that
at least at one time appeared to consent to sex with them,, it's hard
to walk away when that dries up because they had a very hard time
finding someone in the first place. And now that they are balder and
fatter and more set in their ways, starting over often appears
particularly daunting if not even near impossible task. (I'm not
necessarily saying that it is impossible for men to start over.. in many
ways it's much easier for a mature man in their 30s, 40s and beyond
than in their younger days. But I am saying to the individual man, it
may seem very daunting at the time)

So unless a guy is a star athlete, rock star, celebrity, very rich or
unusually good looking, sex is always a challenge for men. So I kind of
get why men may settle into sexless marriages.

But women???? Women have to fight off sexual advances from puberty on.
We have to teach women self defense and rape awareness to keep from
having sex forced upon them against their will.

A woman can download a phone app and have a hook up arranged in less than an hour.

A woman can walk into any bar in any town at any of the hour day or
night and hook up right there in the bathroom or parking lot.

Now yes yes yes, I get it... not many if any women will actually choose to do that - but my point is THEY CAN.

Another difference between the boys and the girls is men won't care that
a woman is married if he has a chance to score and there is at least a
slight chance he won't get caught and beat up or a chance that he may
not get an STI. Men will line up to some WWs boytoy.

Posted 24 Nov 2021

The first time I heard about such a thing, I was sorry that this topic was not discussed before the wedding because that would be normal. I didn't even know that such problems could occur in a young family because usually, women are more impatient when it comes to honeymoons. For example, I found myself in a situation where I called escorts2.com, and there I found my future wife, and I am glad that I will not have such problems to solve with her. I am sure we will be a modern family because we are both quite liberal and do not want to press each other.
Posted 24 Nov 2021

benjabelw says
I wish you happiness!
Posted 23 Jun 2022

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Posted 23 Jun 2022

piprut says
I'm sorry that our society is so moronic that it humiliates women. And women are imbued with patience and shame, not self-respect. I'm sure these problems arise because girls are taught from childhood that they should "be girls," obey their parents, not talk about sex and be decent girls. And boys are imbued with the cult of strength, suppression of their emotions, and devaluing other people's feelings. I'm glad that more and more people realize how horrible this kind of parenting model is, and people are beginning to discard these false "values." My friend worked at https://www.citybutterflies.com/ before getting married, and when she met her husband, she didn't hide it. He didn't take it negatively, and it didn't affect their relationship.
Posted 23 Jun 2022

Posted 05 Oct 2022

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