Begin WhatsApp like app development and set up your instant messaging venture

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Desiring to dominate the digital era? Initiate WhatsApp like app development and allow users to send and receive texts 24x7x365. Moreover, utilize our readily launchable messaging solution and entice individuals and business organizations across the world. Enable them to share audios, emojis, GIFs, photos, videos etc. Are you that innovative entrepreneur keen to capitalize on the digital times? Call up software specialists.
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Posted 24 Nov 2021

Alexverh says
Are you thinking of creating a new messenger on your own? Has the success of other companies in the field affected your decision? Do you have some awesome features to add but want to save basic functionality of other popular messaging services? Great! That's your lucky day because Cleveroad will gladly help you navigate through these muddy waters. This time, we're going to discuss how to build an app like WhatsApp and how much it actually costs to develop an instant messenger similar to it.
Posted 11 Jul 2022

Alexverh says
The cost of making an app like WhatsApp can range from $50,000 to $60,000. The amount depends on many factors, including the number of features and their complexity. 
Posted 4 week ago

Mason45 says
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