Is there any space opera (or any sub genres that adjacent) will be out in the near future?

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With the expanse's season over, I don't know what to look forward to in the immediate future. I don't care if it is a movie or series, I'm just wanting to know if there is going to be anything coming out this spring and/or summer.
Posted 30 Nov 2021

Emilia01 says
I'm curious myself. I love movies and TV series of this genre. Well now I'm looking at 123movies and looking for something similar. There's supposed to be a Throne movie coming out in 2022. Haven't heard anything about it. So I can't say much.
Posted 30 Nov 2021

Maxxx17 says
Have you tried the Cowboy Bebop live action? It's got that 'gritty, used future' feel to it. And a lovely soundtrack.
Posted 30 Nov 2021

Posted 05 Dec 2021

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