The sofa doesn’t have to be against the wall, it’s popular now

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I don’t know if you have discovered that it’s the sofa at home.The sofa is placed against the wall, which seems to be the default layout in current home life. But in fact, the living room is responsible for the appearance of the entire home, and the sofas are not necessarily placed against the wall in a very uniform manner. Some designs that break through the conventions are more likely to produce a refreshing feeling.
The advantages of sofa not against the wall
1. More convenient to clean
Because of the skirting, even if the cheap Sofas - is placed against the wall, there will be a small gap between it and the wall. Over time, dust and small hairs will get entangled and hide behind the sofa. There will also be socks and small hairs. Cards, small toys, etc. are piled up behind the sofa.
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2. Reasonable partition of space
The sofa is not against the wall. This decoration method is especially suitable for small apartments. Using the sofa as a partition naturally divides the space reasonably, which is not only beautiful and generous, but also makes the home more regular.
Posted 09 Dec 2021

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