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Hello guys. I am looking for a job, England based. I program c++. Started around 15 years ago. Since then I succesfully programmed on x86
gaining experience in opengl, assimp, freetype, opencv in computer
graphics, file conversions, algorithms, decoders and object programming.
Last 1-2 years I have spent in embedded chips. Have studied 328p and
2560 both from perspective of avr/io.h, datasheets and arduino
enviroment. Some of the developed code is on my github, for example
extension of Adafruit's graphics library button functionalities for tft
screens, graphical polynomial regression for embedded chips as a very
cool sensor calibration methode, and there is also some early work like
mp3 encoders quality comparator, that was actually entirely writen on
android's cxx droid, yet runs on windows and linux too. There is also a
software developed for cnc control XY table.
Whether you want to see how I code or check the code itself best way to look at is my github: https://github.com/63n0m3 and youtube, where I made a few coding tutorials https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC...
Part of my experience is also related to cg graphics. Many projects I
made required designing buttons, textures or many different objects.
Whether procedurally generated or exactly modeled, shaded or sculpted
many of this was possible due to my long experience with blender. I am
fluent in blender enough to model any real world non living object. I am
also familiar with KiCad. If you think I would fit into your company
projects, send me a pm with more info:)
Posted 11 Dec 2021

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