3 great Squid games for you

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3 great Squid games for you: Super Friday Night Squid Challenge, Squid Squad Mission Revenge, Squid Challenge Honeycomb! If you like clicker games try this popular cookie clicker game.

1. Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

Prepare to participate in Squid games in a new way in the Super Friday Night Squid Challenge! They lost all of their money as a result of gambling, and you will assist them in finishing all of the songs over the period of several weeks in order to win the big prize and recoup their losses. Many people will perish here, but don't be alarmed! Remember to keep dancing so you don't miss any arrows. Complete all 12 stages in this wild game to win a whopping 38 million dollars!

The game's purpose is to complete all of the rap battles and great music fights! Can you fight the frightening doll in this horrifying survival game? In the Super Friday Night Squid Challenge, they'll compete in a musical duel. Your character will be standing on a musical platform, holding a microphone, on the screen in front of you. A special panel with arrows will appear above the hero. As soon as the music starts, your hero will start singing into the microphone. Light will be used to emphasize these arrows. You must recall how they did it and then press the control keys in the same order. If you perform everything correctly, you will win this round and go to the next level of the challenge! Have fun and good luck with your survival!

2. Squid Squad Mission Revenge

In "Squid Squad Mission Revenge," make sure to exact your vengeance on your adversaries! Some people have altered your life, and you now want vengeance on those who have injured you. You can fight your opponents and win if you are brave enough to stand up for what you believe in. So gather your courage and prepare your weapons for you have a long road ahead of you!

There are a number of levels in this game where you must fight bravely. There will be many guards obstructing your path as you move through different areas. What you need to do is take them out one by one. To successfully remove all of the opponents in your path while remaining safe, you must use your weaponry effectively. Because you will have a limited number of bullets to use at each level, and you can only unlock additional firearms by earning more points. At this time, a counter in the upper left corner of the screen displays the number of foes slain. Furthermore, certain foes are stronger than others, and you must exert varying degrees of effort to defeat them. Now, take out your gun and try to unlock more weapons. Shoot your foes and progress through the stages until you've finished them all.

3. Squid Challenge Honeycomb!

Survive in Squid Challenge Honeycomb by playing this tough game! These may appear to be ordinary candies that you can consume. But don't be fooled by the sweet, sweet appearance of these candies. 

When your life is on the line and all you have is one of these sweets, you might not think the same way! Are you ready to save your life by drawing basic shapes out of a honeycomb candy?

Posted 20 Dec 2021

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