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With the rise of smart phones, a variety of audio-visual entertainment activities more and more, indirectly promote the development of the cell phone headset industry, headset shell injection molding there are pure color and black and white two-color, so if you are ready to do a variety of headset shell plastic parts for a long time, then we recommend that you choose the machine to consider two-color machine, if you determine that you do not need two-color injection requirements, consider the ordinary standard vertical injection molding machine can be.
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Standard vertical injection molding solution refers to the integration of the whole machine + injection mold solution, so as to avoid customers to go to the mold manufacturer again after the purchase of the machine to customize the mold. Generally speaking, manufacturers can customize injection molds according to customers' requirements. According to the injection volume of headphone injection parts and injection raw materials, the choice of 85T or more standard vertical injection molding machine can meet most of the headphone shell injection molding needs.
Advantages of standard vertical injection molding machine
1, can be improved according to various injection requirements, the machine has the basic injection molding function requirements and cheap.
2?The lower mold is fixed and the upper mold is active. Good positioning for embedded parts, and equipped with finished product ejection device. Uniform stress distribution. The injection pressure protection is precise and the full stroke is smooth and excellent.
3?Electrical control and hydraulic parts. Precise and durable.
4?In-line screw type injection device. No limit adjustment of back pressure. Suitable for precision plastic parts molding.
5?Applicable to small and medium-sized embedded parts injection molding, insert molding options.
6?Optional servo energy-saving motor.
Standard vertical injection molding machine can also be improved by improving the injection clamping method to become a disc type or slide machine, etc. are based on the standard vertical injection molding machine to improve.
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