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Today, being online means being able to continue education. That’s why many companies wonder how to create an educational app and take part in the lucrative eLearning market. This guide covers custom eLearning development from the business and technical
Posted 28 Dec 2021

RobertGray says
When developing this type of systems, especially if there is a necessary budget, you must first pay attention to the existing analogues. This is equally effective for both such a task and for, for example, vpn firefox. But the total work will be much more, of course
Posted 11 Jan 2022

The principle of psychological justification points to the sacred pedagogical technology with psychology and defining psychological justifications and practical outputs for the effective functioning of the DL system, more info at . The importance of the principle under consideration lies in the fact that "among the disciplines on which pedagogy is based, psychology occupies a special central place."
Posted 28 Jan 2022

naabzist says
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Posted 29 Jan 2022

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