Learn to wear "salt", simple, durable and feminine

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A woman over the age of 40, the United States is not in appearance, but in demeanor and temperament, this must be a consensus. In addition to years
precipitation place endowed with maturity and indifferent, middle-aged woman
temperament from where? In fact, clothing plays a key role. So-called "the
person depends on clothes", elegant and decent dress, can let the distinctive
glamour of ripe age woman get more sufficient reveal.
In this episode, I would like to share with you the "salt line" clothes suitable for middle-aged women. The essence of this kind of dress style depends
on the cool and contracted in taking a little neuter wind handsome, look to give
a person a kind of calm inside collect and "harmless" feeling, very show
Salt wear style is based on simple and elegant color matching, clothing style is also strive to be simple, there will be no redundant decoration, also do not
have curve exposed, the overall between elegant and handsome, but also do not
lose feminine taste. Simple basic shirt, pure color skirt, and all kinds of
comfortable and handsome pants, and then cooperate agile short hair and simple
light makeup, the body and mind return to simple and cool.
Wear more low-key neutral colors, temperament more durable
The woman after 40 years old, suit to wear color too strong and full dress no longer, plain and low-key the neuter color that can bear to look again is, can
foil mature woman more calm with calm.
With neuter "earth color department" shirt for example, low-key and gentle tonal, composed and calm, sending out a kind of "do not fight" temperament,
tie-in black straight tube jeans or shallow khaki casual pants, simple and
elegant mixed with a few minutes handsome, very durable look temperament. Pair
with strappy high-heeled sandals for a feminine look, which is the most soughy
summer sunrise street look. ?
For the middle-aged woman over 40 years old, the shirt that summer wears, need not too pursue cultivate one's morality, loose version can cultivate one's
morality figure more, and dress is loose, can appear calm and elegant more,
fashionable feeling is stronger also. In style, the "cargo style" shirt with
double pockets is A bit handsome, more in line with the "salt" aesthetic, used
to match A simple black A-line skirt or flaxen hip wrap skirt, both handsome and
smart yet intellectual beauty and feminine. ?
Simplify complex, simple enough is more durable
This is very easy to understand, the more complex the dress collocation, the more easily dazzling, but also easy to make people visual fatigue, so
middle-aged women should go to complicated and simple, keep simple will be more
Summer weather is hot, to do "simplify" is actually very simple, grab those simple and easy to match in your wardrobe items can be. For example, simple
white shirt with black straight skirt, minimalist black and white, showing
extreme elegance. A sleeveless black T-shirt paired with dark blue straight
pants is also an example of a minimalist, sophisticated look. ?
Add a little "gentle" in light, salt can be sweet
"Salt" wind wear will be a little cold and bland, summer can add a little gentle and sweet feeling, to create a salt and sweet summer modeling. However,
to avoid being too showy, pastel Morandi shades will suit women over 40.
For example, white sleeveless shirt with apple green, lemon yellow straight pants, fresh and calm at the same time more sweet, more gentle and feminine.
Loose and recreational pink shirt is tie-in cream-colored recreational pants,
already simple but elegant won't appear faint again, feminine taste also won't
be missing. ?
With deserve to act the role of dissolve insipid and drab
In the salt system, because most of the clothes are simple and basic, the color is relatively plain, sometimes it is hard to avoid appearing a little
monotonous, this kind of time needs to act the role of ornament.
The woman of 40 years old, suit to choose a few design concise, simple sense high-grade adorn article will add additional points for modelling. Simple round
earrings, bangles, warm pearl necklaces, and designer bags can not only add a
chic chic feel, but also make your outfit look more complete and stylish.
After the age of 40, women should maintain a good figure, but also learn to dress wisely. Simple and cool with a bit of handsome "salt" wear, simple and
elegant yet feminine, far more durable than complex and gorgeous. Where does the
mature woman's temperament come from? You can rely on a quietly elegant dress,
presenting the indifferent beauty of a mature woman.Read more at:https://www.formaldressau.com/collections/formal-dresses-melbourne | https://www.formaldressau.com/collections/formal-dresses-adelaide
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