What Is The Characteristics Of The New V Part Wig

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Most wig wearers want to have a most natural-looking wig so that no one can tell it is a wig, so for hundreds of years, many people tried to mimic the real human scalp using materials such as silicone, silk, and now lace. Now, we have a V Part Wig ! You can finally wear your real scalp with leave out or no leave out. 

What Is A V Part Wig?
The v part wig is a new type u part wig, you can call it an upgraded u-part wig, the part shape shows “V”, so we also can call it V Part Wig Human Hair. It was available very long ago. But there are some differences between the classic v part wig and the newly graded ones. 

This wig is perfect for women who prefer their extensions to look natural and authentic up close in real life. You won’t have to deal with concealing lace holes, aggressive baby hair, or trying to blend a leave-out. Now you can wear your real part with no leave-out or with just v strands of your hair out.

Yes, there are many advantages of this upgraded V Part Curly Wig. This is the reason why it has received a lot of attention since it was on the market. Some new users will ask, what is the difference between a v part wig and the traditional u part wig. As there are some users who have shared their real experiences of wearing v part wig and u part wig, now we will share with you some content here:

V Part Wig VS U Part Wig
User1 asked: Can you guys tell me the difference or the advantages/disadvantages of each?
User2 replied: I think it's personal preference or as in my case a couple of times the wefts are stiff and it's difficult to get them to lay flat in that u-shape.
User3: It is a personal preference. I usually make mine V, that just makes for less hair for me to leave out. I don't like a lot of hair out. You can always make a slim U.
User4: Yep exactly and also if you have thin/fine hair the V shape is much better. I have been wanting to take down my U part wig because with my thinning hair at the top I can barely cover the tracks. I have a V part wig but that was made with a lace closure that I cut a slit in the middle and it made a V.
User5: So, I have thin and fine hair, and was wondering about the V part.. the thing I was scared about with it is that the point of the V area will be hard to cover because of the tiny amount of real hair that meets that part. I don't know if the makes sense.. but I keep trying to picture it, and it seems like my hair wouldn't be enough to cover the pointed part of the V.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit www.mslynnhair.com

Posted 07 Jan 2022

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