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I want to share my experience with the Cashimashi casino to warn other players about them.

I saw the banner on rosh his stream and dicided to registrer a account
and make a 100 euro deposit (no rosh bonus choosen, just the welcome
bonus). I've got a 200% deposit bonus and have played for hours with
lots of very big wins and also completed the wager.

When the wager was finished i decided to request a cashout of 900 euros which i've won WHOOP WHOOP.

The day after we deposited 100 euro again but then we used the easter
bonus we played on and won amazing bonusses and got our remaining
balance up to 2200 euro which was amazing so we decided to cashout some
more winnings bringing the total of withdraw requests up to 3100 euro.

Then it took a few days as usual to get my withdraws but i've already
had mails about my withdraw request so till then everything went well.

After 5 days my withdraw requests were still pending and i was thinking
shit i've forgotten to verify my account so i logged in and checked
everywhere on the website and my account settings but there is NO WAY
you can send any verification files/photo's on this website.... which is
already strange if you are used to N1 of Slotwolf etc.

Then i decided to check the whole website for any information about
verifying your account and found that you have to sent your documents by
e-mail to their support desk. So i've sent my documents so they can
process my withdraw requests.

3 days later we were still waiting on the withdraws and we wanted to
play some more slots so we decided to cancel 1 withdraw request of 450
so we can play with that but i did not get any win on that balance so i
decided to wait for the withdraws to be processed.

A few days later i login to their website to see the progress of my
withdraw requests and i saw all my withdraw requests being canceled and
all the money back in my balance, then my balance went down to 200 euro
and that's it.

Few minutes later they sent me this e-mail:

= = =

Please note that your withdrawal requests have been declined due to a
breach on our Terms and Conditions by playing restricted games during
the rollover of the active bonuses

Therefore your winnings have been voided and the initial deposits back on your account.


CashiMashi Cashier
[email protected]
= = =

I had a braincrash after this message because i've not played any of
the (buy feature slots) which they were referring to when my bonus was
active. i've also checked the website logging and there were 726 pages
of logging which i could only access to page 500, all pages after that
did not work.

So i've asked their support for proof of this breach because i'm sure
i've not done this. (also normally on other casino's like N1 and
Slotwolf when you open a slot which you can not play due to active
bonusses you will get a warning message on screen and you can not access
the slot)

I never got the proof of this breach, casino management just said this was their final statement.

I still can't access the logs so i can't proof them wrong and just got ripped from a lot of money.

Also you can't delete or close your account so when you registrer you are customer forever.... really this is so wrong...

Please players NEVER ever play on this shitty casino because they are
scam.... they only have 1 support agent named Karl which in unfriendly
and really slow (30 min to sent a chat reply after the chat was started
and he said how can i help you) in his support.

I hope rosh will never play there because they don't deserve any attention or customers.

Posted 11 Jan 2022

Nortman says
Bro, I'm so sorry this has happened to you I don't understand why some casinos have be like that 
Posted 11 Jan 2022

Striker1s says
When you put that money in the casino account, it's not yours anymore, it doesn't matter if you win. In the long run, no player is on plus; that's why they are so successful. I honestly hope that this industry will become fair and transparent by the view Royale Finance has about it for the sake of gamblers. I only know that regulated online casinos are fine. We know that the house has the edge, and most players will understand this. Licensed casinos with decent reps will be safe to play at; I usually go on 12Bet.
Posted 11 Jan 2022

ruslanovna says
Ouvi de pessoas experientes que é melhor escolher várias casas de apostas. Claro, não dez - cerca de 3 escritórios serão suficientes, com os quais você se sentirá confiante. Acho que com certeza você vai gostar com Parimatch . E talvez, junto com eles, você encontre alguns escritórios conhecidos. Acho que com a oportunidade de comparar diferentes condições e coeficientes, uma pessoa recebe muito mais autoridade sobre como viver e agir. Também gostaria de enfatizar que sempre comparando linearmente as avaliações, você pode tirar boas conclusões.
Posted 16 Jan 2022

Hoise says
In time we will evolve, mentally physically and emotionally, but it will take a while, this process takes centuries.
Posted 16 Jan 2022

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