How To Prepare Human Hair And Install Headband Wig

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Any Headband Wig but this is the wig very bouncy flowy shirt out of the box and it just has actually the construction on this one. This is the first as you guys can see, there's only one big clip on the top and one big clip on the bottom. There's none on the sides at all, so I kind of wanted to go more in detail with you guys about how I prepare my hair underneath for the Curly Headband Wig.So as you guys can see I just section my hair off because you want to get it as flat as possible and the best way to get your hair flat is to work in sections in my opinion, then I just go in and detangle through the root each section and then I'll flatten it down with like some eco styler gel.Whatever you would like to use and then once I get the back half flat. I'll put it in a ponytail holder to keep it flat. As I work on the top half, so now I'm just forming a ponytail.I put it pretty low and then I brush it out to make sure that it's as flat as possible. Then I lift it forward and like spread it out across kind of like the back of my head as far as it can go.How To Install Headband Wig?
I don't put on a wig cap or anything for Human Hair Headband Wigs. I feel like it would just slide right off anyway because of like where the wig sits. So that's all I do. Tips On Wearing A Headband Wig Naturally
Sometimes your face shape will affect the headband wig’s effects. Part of being natural with your headband wig is to know how to put headbands with different face shapes.1. If your face is OVAL when you put on the headband wig, don’t push the headband back more because it’s almost going to go higher up on the oval face of your head and going to fall off the back, which will get a little bit weird, so put it around your hairline will be great, stable and natural.2. If your face is long, when you put on a headband wig, you can choose the curly or weave one, even if you can choose the headband wig that adds bangs, then put wide headbands on the top will look more natural.3. If you have a round face shape, the best length of the headband wig is 20 inches or longer, make the face appear longer.I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit 
Posted 11 Jan 2022

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