Types of masks for diving. How to choose?

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 What to look for when buying?
Posted 20 Jan 2022

The masks can be mono-glass or have two glasses. You should also pay attention to the depth of the underarm space. It's best to try the mask on to see how comfortable it is for you. Then you will be sure of your purchase
Posted 20 Jan 2022

crysmile says
To check whether the mask is suitable for you, you should put it on your face and breathe in through your nose. A well chosen mask should be able to hold itself on your face. If it won't let in air, it won't let in water either. Diving masks have a number of basic features that make them practical and comfortable. Masks come in mono glass or have two glass panes. They are usually framed, or frameless, although there are models made with frameless technology in order to lighten the overall weight and reduce the under-mask space. Frameless masks (Marlin Frameless, Bare Frameless) also prove to be much more compact to carry. The lighter the mask, the better. Read the review of the best swimming goggles with nose cover, maybe it will help you decide.
Posted 20 Jan 2022

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