Ganesh Murti for Home or Buddha Statue for Domestic Peace

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If you strive to attain peace and domestic harmony, go in for a marble Buddha statue. See the results within a short time and you will be very happy. Overall, a Ganesh murti for home does usher in peace and good fortune just as a Buddha statue has a calming effect on our minds. So, choose wisely or buy both.
Posted 20 Jan 2022

A 3 feet Buddha statue online is undoubtedly a piece of art. It’s so mesmerizing that you want to capture it and make it yours. Why not? You can take home any of the superbly crafted Buddha statues you see online. Truly, a Vinayagar statue is worth possessing for the serenity it spreads all over the house.
Posted 23 Jan 2022

Buddhism has come down the ages in India, so fashioning a 2 feet Buddha statue is well-known. People often set a Buddha statue for home as a good luck feature. A Buddha statue for home is ideal, particularly if you want peace and harmony. White is a lucky color for a Buddha statue. So, go in for a marble Buddha statue.
Posted 25 Jan 2022

When you’re stressed out, you need to turn to someone. Often, we turn to God just as Buddhists turn to Buddha. If you’re looking for a Vinayagar statue, choose a Buddha white statue. It may be made in marble or fibre–that doesn’t matter. You need someone to relieve you of your stress. And who better than your fibre Buddha statue?
Posted 28 Jan 2022

A 2 feet Buddha statue looks best in a garden, preferably near a water body. It spreads love and tranquility and keeps you safe. You too can place a Gautam Buddha statue in your garden or in a part of your large drawing room. All in all, a Buddha statue at home is an icon of peace.
Posted 01 Feb 2022

Placing your Vinayagar statue in the garden is a good idea, but remember to place it slightly off the ground or you would be disrespectful. In the house, you can place your marble Buddha statue on a shelf or table meant exclusively for it. However, the best places for your 3 feet Buddha statue are your pooja room and study.
Posted 03 Feb 2022

adilkhatri says
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Posted 03 Feb 2022

Gifting a Buddha statue is a great idea, particularly at housewarming. The statue works to promote peace and happiness, and is, therefore, greatly appreciated. You might like to choose a 2 feet Buddha statue that would suit any size of home. Or you might like to specifically choose a Buddha statue for home, taking the size of rooms into account.

Buddha statue
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Posted 08 Feb 2022

Did you know that gifting a marble Buddha statue to your loved one is a way of saying, “I love you?” Whether you’re celebrating your new love, or a birthday or anything else, say it with a Buddha statue. If you buy a 3 feet Buddha statue online, it can easily fit into any home, whatever the size.[b]Buddha statue | Ganesh Murti for Home | Marble Buddha Statue |Buddha white Statue |[/b]
Posted 10 Feb 2022

Gautam Buddha statue adds a touch of luxury and a perfect high-end office, store, or home décor. A beautiful 2 feet Buddha statue can amp up the look of your house spreading positive vibes. There are various sites to buy an attractive Buddha statue online at the most modest rates.
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Posted 12 Feb 2022

If you are looking for a Buddha white statue that will leave the aura of your apartment with positive thoughts, then no other than a marble Buddha statue can light up any corner. Buddha statue for home spreads a special piece of serenity that you have been longing for long. 

2 feet buddha statue
|Gautam buddha statue |Ganesh murti for home |Buddha statues |
Posted 14 Feb 2022

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Buddha statues are sold by certified vendors keeping in mind all your quality parameters. Vinayagar statue is perfect to display on the shelf of your house or office. The intricate carving on it makes it aesthetic and charming and radiates prosperity and peace in the surrounding. 3 feet Buddha statue online can be availed within the promised time-frame at market leading prices. Buddha statue | Buddha fountain statue | Marble Buddha Statue |Vinayagar statue |
Posted 16 Feb 2022

Vinayagar statue is considered the best for a wedding, anniversary, Diwali, or house-warming gift. The figurine is tested on the parameters of utility, longevity, and strength. Marble Buddha statue is aesthetically designed and appreciated by clients worldwide. You can seek an exclusive range of 3 feet Buddha statue online at an affordable rate.

Buddha statue
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Posted 21 Feb 2022

risavdhal says
Buddha statue for home is available in all sizes from 24 inches to 72 inches and can be customized to suit your choice. Marble Buddha statue with optimum finishing and finely polished can be an ideal pick for your loved ones. The 2 feet Buddha statue symbolizes peace and goodness that is inherited within each human being.

Buddha statue
| Buddha fountain statue | Buddha statue online |Fibre Buddha statue |
Posted 24 Feb 2022

Buddha white statue is dexterously carved by a team of expert artisans and designers to match your demands. A superior quality fiber Buddha statue can create a positive aura in your premises. What can be the best gift than a Vinayagar statue for your loved ones to show your best wishes with the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha.Buddha statue | Buddha fountain statue | Gautam Buddha statue |Buddha white statue |
Posted 25 Feb 2022

Buddha statue makes it the best figurine and memorable gift for your friends and relatives on any special occasion. It helps keep all the opposing forces outside your house. Vinayagar statue gives a sophisticated and chique look to your apartment. Order a Buddha statue online and take a comfortable and relaxed walk in your garden.

Buddha fountain statue

Gautam Buddha statue |
Buddha white statue |
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Posted 27 Feb 2022

If you wish to reflect positive energy in the house and add productivity to it, then go for a Buddha statue for home. To prosper laughs and smiles in your house, install a Buddha statue at any corner. A 2 feet Buddha statue can create a miracle if placed as per the Vastu recommended direction. 

Buddha white statue
|Buddha statue for home | Gautam Buddha statue |
Posted 01 Mar 2022

A Ganesh murti for home can be an ideal gift for any auspicious occasion like birthdays and anniversaries. Each posture and gesture of a 2 feet Buddha statue depicts a significant reality of life. Every time you look at the Buddha statue, it reminds you of some of the other messages to live a more mindful life.
Posted 02 Mar 2022

This Buddha fountain statue adds more beauty to your garden sitting amidst lush greenery. If you wish to buy a Buddha statue online, it is important to check the impressions of the face. Though a Vinayagar statue is auspicious for home, it is important to place it in the right spot to add more value to the Vastu of home.
Posted 08 Mar 2022

A Fibre Buddha statue can be of good quality and is greatly appreciated all over the world. According to Vastu a white color Ganesh murti for home is the perfect choice for people who wish to seek peace and prosperity. Some of the Buddha statues are so well-crafted that they show an amazing level of detail.
Posted 09 Mar 2022

Bringing a Buddha statue for home can impact your mental peace and health. Placing a Gautam Buddha statue at the door of your house keeps all the opposition forces and negative energy outside. Buy a 3 feet Buddha statue online and bring home good luck, contentment, and abundance. 
Posted 11 Mar 2022

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