The dunging rewards and armours

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The benefit of allocating it to a statslot is because JaGEx could, for instance, disallow access to aura slots within the Wilderness (as an example) which balances Boss-killing (and other high-combat PvE content) and PvP.
Instead of complaining about replicating a feature that all good MMOs have, maybe it's better to think about the reason it's being released and what it's trying to accomplish instead of whining about it, but the issue is that the majority of players don't have enough expertise to comprehend that.

What a mistake! I read the loyalty points and was surprised to discover they hadn't announced it. Lol sorry, I forgot to log in when I was posting. They have indeed made a number of changes to Wow the game. Look at the new clothes. You can pick a class for the clothes!

There's now an aura. The dunging rewards and armours now look similar to WoW armor. Take a look at the elves right now. Aura is that really kidding me? It's cool, but there an easier way to play because with every slot, they're guaranteed to give an increase in bonus, which means greater hits/new effects. And Lol Keep the great effects weapons. I am enjoying this game...

In the first blog post, when I was refering to WoWing the game, I thought of Aura slots. You don't pick a "class" for your clothing. The outfits are pre-designed and you can customize completely for free. Dungeoneering was made to rival other MMORPGs. RuneScape was, until this point, was not able to incorporate a "raiding" aspect to it. RuneScape introduced this feature to prevent users from switching other games such as World of Warcraft, not to copy other games.

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