What is the principle of speech analytics in business?

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Hi all, could you please give me an answer to a question? How does speech analytics work in a business? What is the main advantage of using this type of analytics? 
I've been thinking for some time about what can improve and ease the work for my colleagues and so would be grateful for any advice. 
Good luck to all!
Posted 02 Feb 2022

Helen564 says
Speech analytics is very effective in phone conversations with customers. In a few clicks you can find the right offer or request from the customer using keywords. It will also be much easier for employees to work, which is just as important. Thanks to speech analytics case studies you can maximize the relationship between the customer and the employee, by setting the necessary autoresponder or redirection to the employee who is now online. Also in speech analytics there are many other useful features for business. 
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Posted 02 Feb 2022

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