Is it true; no capital gains tax in Portugal on FX??

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Hello folks

I am wondering if by any chance there is someone who could clarify for me whether it's true or not. I discovered that in
Portugal there is no capital tax gains when it come's to currencies,
including cryptocurrency such as bitcoin.

I made up my mind a while ago that I am moving to Portugal, namely Algarve - without
thinking about tax benefits. Now that I've looked into it, it seems that
everything is starting to add up.

Anyway, I am moving to Portugal regardless. But it surely wouldn't hurt if it turns out to be a tax haven for forex traders ??

Surely someone in this awesome community must know about this.

Thank you for reading the post.

May God bless

Posted 03 Feb 2022

christense says
No, there is no such thing as capital gain in Portugal. I lived there with my family for half a year and we had a very bad experience with this. We opened a shop and we got a lot of sales immediately. We were very happy and eagerly awaiting the end of the month to see how much profit we have made. When the end of the month came the state got 30 % of our earnings leaving us with very little money. We got a paystub machine and we made the prices higher so that the profit would get bigger than before.
Posted 03 Feb 2022

jackharry says
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