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What are the environmental benefits of recycling scrap?
Posted 07 Feb 2022

toxatyt says
Products containing metal are everywhere in our lives. Every day, a huge number of devices that we use all the time break down. Throwing them away or leaving them unattended is unwise, both economically and environmentally.
Posted 07 Feb 2022

vinikil says
By recycling scrap metal, the preservation of natural resources is ensured. In practice, they are depleted rather quickly, in addition, ore mining requires huge capacities and pollutes the environment. When metal products are recycled, harmful emissions into the atmosphere are minimized because only the remelting process takes place. Recycling metal saves human resources, because the scrap price is not exactly high. 
Posted 07 Feb 2022

jekson says
I think this is a really useful topic
Posted 07 Feb 2022

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