How To Create Edges From Baby Hair On Your 360 Wigs

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If you are new to 360 Wigs, you may probably don’t know how important baby hairs can be, in order to create very natural look. The lace front wigs that we buy usually come in very dense at the hairline part, while in fact, natural human hairline is not dense. So, in order to make your wig looks more real and natural, styling your baby hairs from the wig can be quite crucial. To style your baby hairs on the 360 Lace Wig, you can either go to your hair stylist or just follow tips introduced in this article .

1.Trim the lace
When you first get the 360 Lace Frontal, there is excess lace on the front. To create baby hairs, the first step is to trim the lace. Cut the excess lace carefully and step by step to match your natural hairline. Please note that you should cut the lace by a small portion each time, instead of getting rid of the whole lace at once, because this can ruin the whole wig.

2.Set the part
You can only part the hair where there is lace, it is because that lace makes the hairline much more natural. Use a fine-tooth comb to comb your hair in the desired direction. You can part down the center to create middle part or to one side to create side part. That’s the versatility of lace front wigs, give different ways to show off your style. Then use some mouse spray to comb the hair again to reinforce the parting.

3.Pick out baby hairs
Use the end with pointed edge of the comb to pick a tiny section of hair from the 360 Lace Front Wigs along the hairline or simply pull it out where you want baby hairs to stay. When you are doing this, it is helpful to use hair clips to pull your hair back, this is to separate the baby hairs from the rest of the wig.

4.Trim baby hairs
Use your finger to squeeze a tiny section of hair you’ve picked out last step and pull it out. Trim the hair with a razor comb and leave about one inch long for styling later. It is not recommended to use scissors to cut the hair in this step, because the cut will make the hair edgy and less natural.

5.Style edges from baby hair
Now, we’ve come to the last step, baby hair styling. To create edges, you will need mouse spray and brush. In a word, you just spray some mouse on the baby hair you’ve cut in last step and use a brush to pull it or swoop in down in directions to make a desired look. You can also use a scarf to tie the baby hair around your edges to secure them. There are some edge types to try. You can style you edges into swirls, waves or just keep them natural or straight.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit

Posted 07 Feb 2022

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