Pros & Cons of Traveling

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Advantages of travel
Traveling is a unique opportunity to see the world. When we visit different countries, we broaden our mind. We can see famous places of interest with our own eyes and visit well-known places. We can talk to local people and learn something which is not written in books.
Traveling is an opportunity to learn new culture & experiences. It doesn't only imply seeing architectural monuments but also meeting people, learning their traditions and trying national cuisine.
Traveling is an opportunity to get some rest. Even a short trip can help us regain strength. Change of scene makes us feel happier and diverts from everyday routine.
Traveling is an opportunity to learn something new. While traveling we have a great chance to acquire new experience and knowledge. Someone practices a foreign language, someone learns how to surf, someone attends cooking master classes.

Disadvantages of travel
Tourists do not orient themselves well to a foreign country and may become fraud victims. Thieves and pickpockets may steal money and valuable things. One should always be careful and alert.
Food poisoning or a sickness can mar one's travel. It is very inconvenient to be treated while far away from home. First of all, one should eat only in reliable places. Second, one should always have the necessary medicines at hand. And never disregard medical insurance which will compensate for all the expenses in case of an accident.

Why is it worth seeing Juta at least once? This mountainous village is surrounded on all sides by rocks. The views are unforgettable. There are several trekking trails here, each of which leads to several attractions: lakes, waterfalls, mountain rivers. Tracking difficulty is suitable even for beginners. We walked in drizzling rain and immediately dried out under the rare sun. The weather in the mountains / desert is very unpredictable & here man enjoy lot of different experiences like dune buggy. Herds of horses were walking towards us, cows and sheep were grazing on the slopes. There was a feeling that all this belonged to us, and we belonged to the whole world. There was a feeling of unity and harmony. We got to the lake. A small cafe was closed nearby, which is probably very popular in the summer. After a while we returned to our little house, where we spent the night. It was bright and starry, with a full moon in the sky. The next morning we went out onto the wet grass. The air was cold and very clean. The amount of oxygen made my head spin. They brought us breakfast: scrambled eggs and pancakes with apple jam. And just at that moment, all the worries finally let me go.

Posted 08 Feb 2022

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