What Do You Know About Transparent Closure Wig

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Transparent Closure Wig have quickly become a hot commodity among human hair closure in 2022 for many black women,The main reason is that transparent swiss lace closure creates a realistic hairline you'll be proud to wear with your favorite hairstyle!If you are on any social media platforms,I know you've probably come across these transparent lace closures that are literally shaking up how lace frontals are being seen! 

What are transparent lace closures?
A Closure Wigs is basically a small section and it can be used with weave installations.You can sew it on to your actual hair,sew it on to your braids and you can also adhere it down using a glue or tape adhesive,adhere it down at the hairline.And what a closure does is it gives you the ability to have versatility with your installation by being able to part it to get a natural look while having a full installation.So this is great for those who want a full protective style or a full installation and wants to be very minimal of their hair out or leave none of their hair out at all but you still want the versatility of being able to have the look of a natural part.

It is also good to know that this type of undetectable lace is excellent for every skin tone.No more wondering if you will need to bleach or color your Lace Closure Wig ! The lace closure generally goes from temple to temple or even ear to ear,all depending on your personal preference and style.Each strand of hair is individually hand-tied to transparent lace,creating the illusion of natural-looking hair!

And with silk closures since it is a combination of the lace and the silk,you do have an area here which is about a quarter of an inch where there is no silk so you can see the grid on that.You can see the tiny bit of grid there in the front and this is the area.

It's about this wide and it's here where there's no silk and you can the grid in that area.That's something to take into consideration with the silk closures.

Maybe for some ,the free part is great as it offers a lot more versatility.Lots of women use Freestyle closures because they like the freedom of deciding where to part my closure.They don't like that "hard part" in the other types of closures.They always bleach their knots because it just looks better to me.They can also try to thin the edge of the closure by randomly plucking hairs out of the front.

I hope you have found this guide useful. If you need any more help just let us know either by visit www.mslynnhair.com 

Posted 09 Feb 2022

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