Elegant women prefer "shirts", which look good with trousers and skirts

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When many people dress up, in order to catch up with the fashion, they tend to pursue a variety of design sense items, ignoring the common styles in daily
life, resulting in spending a lot of time, energy and money, but still can not
wear a high-level sense.
In fact, for ordinary people, fashion is not to blindly pursue fashion avant-garde, basic style itself texture and utility to the extreme, is the real
fashion, such as shirts. This summer, elegant woman loves "shirt" more, match
pants skirt good-looking, according to come ordinary people also can wear a
high-level feeling, look at the collocation demonstration of blogger Yuan
How to choose a shirt?
As one of the classic styles, no matter how the fashion changes, the shirt has always occupied an unshakable position in the fashion circle. Both fashion
bloggers and stars are loyal fans of the shirt.
And the shirt is the collection of countless women's love and a suit, but also simple shirt style is not simple, practical and not pick people. But in
order to take advantage of the shirt, we also need to choose the right shirt
style for the occasion and for ourselves.
If used in the workplace, the shirt style needs to be as simple as possible, such as black, white, morandi color basic shirt, daily occasions can be a little
more casual.
Next, to light mature female person, more recommend overlay the shirt design of belt design, agaric edge or wave dot element, this kind of shirt nastiness is
elegant, won't exert oneself too violently however, summer atmosphere feels
If you are a mature woman, then basic shirts or plain color shirts with bubble sleeves are good for summer.
Two, shirt + high-waisted shorts wearing demonstration
The shirt has a variety of options on the bottom, such as high-waisted shorts, trousers or skirts, which are combined with the shirt to make it simple
enough to look good. If you want to wear a cool and crisp, then shirt +
high-waisted shorts is the absolute first choice.
When it comes to shirts and shorts, women forget to choose shorts based on leg shape. If the leg shape is slim and long, hot pants or cycling pants are
always fashionable.
If belongs to the thigh thick, calf thin pear shape, then might as well use high waist A-line shorts or suit shorts, so as to modify the leg line.
The bottom of the shirt into the high waist shorts, is to improve the proportion of the premise, especially for small girls, this method can often
help you create a 37 ratio, show the height of the legs.
In addition, only tie the shirt front or one side of the hem, can also play to raise the waist line position, and can promote the model highlights.
Three, shirt + high-waisted pants wearing demonstration
The advantage of tall waist knickers depends on cool and refreshing agile, and tall waist trousers applies to limits very extensive, no matter be duty
field or other occasion, when wearing shirt, can do collocation with tall waist
If tall waist straight tube trousers, tall waist small la trousers or tall waist nine minutes west trousers, summer is simple and shirt to do collocation,
on short long easy to make big long legs.
But when wearing pants with a shirt, in order to enhance the sense of high-grade, we need to control the color of the whole body in three or less, and
strengthen the sense of coordination between the color of the shirt and the
color of the pants.
Four, shirt + half skirt wearing demonstration
If the shirt + trouser suit focuses on simple and neat, then the shirt + half skirt method can add a bit of elegant and feminine flavor to the style with the
help of skirt.
The length of the skirt is a key factor to consider when matching a shirt with a skirt. Generally speaking, the longer the skirt length, the better the
effect of covering leg short board. To leg model fine nevertheless light ripe
female, still can have the aid of short skirt of tall waist will reduce age and
develop leg model advantage.
But whether long or short, you need to raise the waist line position.
If you are worried that the overall Look is not bright when you match a skirt with a plain color basic shirt, then you can also wipe away the dull feeling by
using a half-skirt style with a small superposition design.
Such as irregular cutting half skirt, slit half skirt or row single products, in addition to improving highlights, irregular half skirt can also extend
longitudinal lines, showing long legs and thin legs.
It is also a skill to improve clothes by following the principle of "combining traditional and simple". For example, when wearing a pure color
shirt, a high-waisted printed skirt is paired with a clear layer of simplicity
at the top and complexity at the bottom. The printing pattern also enrichs the
elements of the overall look to a certain extent.
In addition, when the upper and lower are pure colors, the priority is to use black and white, blue and white or khaki + white as the main classic colors,
which can also improve clothes.Read more at:green formal dresses | pink evening dresses
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