$1800.00 to install a sump pump & battery backup???

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This can't be right.
My coworker who was having problems with her sump pump came in today and
said that they finally got someone who installed a new sump pump system
for $1800.00.This is a small residential home.
I asked, "What do you mean by 'sump pump system'? Do you mean just a new sump pump attached to the existing pvc?".
She said 'no' it was just a new sump pump and battery back up.
I told her that I think she was just screwed over.... $1800.00 to put on
a new sump pump doesn't make any sense for a small residential house.
Alittle while back I was looking at commercial grade sump pumps and I
could find some good ones (Zoeller brand) for $250.00... and that's for a
commercial sump pump.
Posted 05 Mar 2022

melaniepip says
Hmm, it looks like the one who installed the sump pump to your colleague at the mini, using his incompetence in the field. In general, the price of 1800 dollars is extremely exaggerated and inappropriate for such works. The price for installing a sump pump in a small residential home is about $ 250-300. In general, for more information, check out https://www.sumppumpadvisor.com/best-sump-pump-check-valve/ .I'm sure you'll find the answer to your question and even more information about this field. In this way, you won't commit the same fault as your coworker.
Posted 05 Mar 2022

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