This year, these "4 pairs" sandals are fashionable, versatile and comfortable

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It's hot summer again and you're wearing sneakers in your socks? Stylish fairies start early in their sandal choices! Summer is the season to wear
Sneakers and canvas shoes to wear socks, feet stuffy hot and smelly. Crocs are too casual and not formal. It's time for sandals.
But many of us must be scratching our heads again. With so many styles and so many types of sandals, which pair should I wear? Check out four of this year's
most popular sandals for comfort and ease in wearing the right shoes for fashion
First of all, we will recognize their feet first.
According to the picture above, we can see that there are four types of human feet. Please take a seat and find out which foot type you belong to. Because
knowing your foot type, you can choose sandals better
After comparing foot types, please continue to read and choose the right sandals for you
I'm gonna make my Shoe 1
As the saying goes, Cantonese flip-flops are standard for charter women. Flip-flops you've probably heard a lot about flip-flops, but flip-flops are the
next step up. Flip-flops are slippers after all, too casual for formal
The clipper sandals combine the advantages of flip-flops and sandals. The clipper design with thin shoelaces wound and crossed can well modify the lines
of the feet, and the wide-band binding of the feet can decorate the taste of an
elegant lady. Soles of feet the combination of thin broadband instep can well
cover the soles of the feet, so that the soles of the feet can not only modify
the shape of the feet but also quite thin.
Simple and generous design, you fairies wear it in summer shopping travel more suitable! Egyptian foot is the most common foot shape in Asian women and is
characterized by a stepped-down toe.
Just as the so-called, foot characteristics determine the characteristics of shoes, the best pair of clip sandals is the Egyptian foot, the cross winding
clip design is well wrapped in the prominent thumb, the overall design is quite
comfortable, walking with wind.
-Serena: I'm gonna make a Shoe 2
Pointed sandals have been very hot in sandals, has been synonymous with the fashion trend. Classics stand the torture of time, until now, pointed sandals or
a season of hot.
Pointed sandals, as the name suggests, are pointed and narrow at the top. Not only does it have the elegance that all women's sandals have, but its unique
pointed toe can visually lengthen the legs, so that even short people can wear
the momentum of 1.8 meters!
A Greek foot is a foot with a more prominent second toe and a wider toe. This type of foot works best with pointed sandals, which are long in the middle and
short and symmetrical on the left and right sides. A white shirt and blue jeans
look casual and comfortable, with brown stripes and green buckles adding color
to the body.
Nude pointy sandals flatter the line of the foot, matching the upper and foot colors to accentuate the length of the leg. Black T-shirt, gray skirt and a long
khaki windbreaker, earth color overall collocation is very commuting
-Serena: I'm gonna make a Shoe 3
The new favorite concubine of baotou sandals makes a debut: Roman feet, which are characterized by the first three toes are relatively even, with no prominent
toes in the five fingers, but the overall surface of the feet is relatively
Two of the most popular types of sandals in Rome were the pinch-toe sandals and the pointed sandals. Suitable for square toe sandals, leather sandals, Roman
sandals and bag-toe sandals. To the beautiful degree of shoes and comfortable
requirements more strict little sister, really really can not pass baotou
Baotou sandals look sweet and lovely, the most important thing is its overall super loose design style, from the sole of the foot to the toe part are quite
fit, can well accommodate the whole foot, so it is very comfortable to wear!
The flat bottom shallow mouth round head shoe fits the foot quite comfortably, the black grey bumps the unique design of the color already
decorated the leg leg line of the ankle place, also let the modelling of the
whole is tonal more rich, more increased fashionable feeling. The baotou sandal
on the skirt of broken flower of blue collocation light blue, the exterior of
lacquer skin is very beautiful and easy, lovely bowknot added a few minutes
melting and lovely to the temperament of little elder sister.
I'm gonna make a Shoe 4
If it is convenient to clip feet, sexy pointed head, cute baotou, then the rise of sports sandals in recent years is more fashionable and personality, not
only can easily match the clothing of various styles, but also daily photography
and modeling necessary good things.
Remember when we were so appalled by wearing socks and sandals? But true incense theorem it may be late, but certainly not less. Classic, stylish,
comfortable and durable sports sandals are definitely worth buying!
The recreational sandal that explodes this summer is it, the advantage photograph of sneaker and sandal is combined, the depth of black science and
technology such as innovation supports, really worthy of the name of motion
The upper foot is quite fresh and natural, the basic color of the basic sports sandals are absolutely versatile, super super cute color matching and a
variety of wearing methods really real name hit the call. The toe is almost the
same length of the square foot is also very suitable for the sandal type, the
liberation of the feet of happiness is wonderful.
There are thousands of sandals. I'll change them if I have to. Easy to wear blisters, change; Heel grinding foot, change; Wear long leg acid swelling,
change; Tied meat piece by piece, for;
Shoes shoes, what you wear on your feet are called shoes. So the nature that decides shoe is comfortable also is foot type, judge oneself foot type, choose
oneself suit shoe, make the summer fashion that belongs to oneself alone.Read
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Posted 08 Mar 2022

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