Whatwas your latest purchase?

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What did you last purchase? I just bought some super comfortable steel toe
boots for my new job
Posted 13 Mar 2022

Nekita says
I recently bought access to the darknet for myself. Because some Internet researchers claim that the legal and transparent Internet takes up about 4 percent - that's official YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, and so on. The rest of the space is filled in. I've been trying to find information on that Buy credit card balance. Because Darknet is a kind of black market on the Web, where people gather to offer us all kinds of things they can't offer in regular online stores.
Posted 13 Mar 2022

lev says
I bought a dugout with Colorado Legal 2014 inscribed on it, an eighth of Ace of Spades, an eighth of Trainwreck, and an eighth of Cheese Quake.
Posted 13 Mar 2022

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