What color to wear in summer

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What color do you wear in summer? Then it is of course a gentle creamy white. It is a neutral color. It is versatile, classic and fashionable, and it is
relatively refreshing and simple to wear. It looks more temperament and has a
sense of luxury.
What is Cream White?
Cream white is the kind of cream white, with lower saturation than ordinary white, more eye-catching than gray, and gentler than ordinary white. It looks
very clean and fresh, quite advanced and white, and the effect of reducing age
is very good. The effect is very youthful!
When you go out, you will find that many people on the street are wearing cream white, why is it so popular? It is because it is a combination of fashion
and versatility, and it does not choose anyone to wear it. No matter what body
shape or skin color you are, it is a color that you can easily control. The
creamy white color will be more gentle than ordinary white. , the saturation is
lower, so the control ability is stronger.
What style single product do you choose for cream white?
cream white shirt
The cream white shirt is the most popular. Whether it is suitable for the workplace, shopping or dating, etc., it can be easily controlled. It can be worn
casually, or it can be very advanced, and it can be flexible in all styles.
There is more than enough to switch at will, basically everyone can easily
control a single product.
The white shirt is the most common piece of clothing in the workplace, but is it only for work? In fact, there are many fashionable styles now. As long as you
can wear them and wear them, you can easily wear advanced and fashionable
In summer, a cream white shirt can be worn with light-colored wide-leg pants. Roll up the sleeves to increase the layering of the shape, and tuck the shirt
into the pants to create a high waistline, which makes it more fashionable to
wear it on the upper body. high effect.
Whether you have seen white items in high temperature weather, they all feel very cool and comfortable. This creamy white, which is popular this year, is
very suitable whether you choose its skirts or trousers for a concave shape.
This year's popular cream white line, choose this color shirt, casually match it with classic jeans, you can deduce a classic and fashionable look.
cream white skirt
The cream white shirt is very beautiful, but the skirt is also indispensable, a gentle cream white dress. It is absolutely beautiful to wear it for a concave
shape when traveling or shopping in summer. If you want to increase the fashion
sense of the shape, start from the accessories. If you want a holiday style,
match it with a woven bag and a woven hat. This concave shape adds a layer and
is very fashionable.
The cream white skirt is very malleable, and it is also suitable for wearing in the workplace. This white chiffon skirt is paired with a fresh blue shirt.
Although it is a simple and elegant style, it can wear an eye-catching and
advanced shape. It is so concave at work, beautiful very.
Cream white wide-leg trousers can be matched with a refreshing striped suspender, and a belt around the waist to easily create a golden body
proportion, which is not only visually fashionable, but also taller.
The creamy white long skirt with hip wraps can be very good to modify your figure, and then match it with various shirts and other items, simple,
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Posted 14 Mar 2022

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