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Best Games 
What are the best games for you?  
Posted 15 Mar 2022

Nandroid says
Personally, I cope with stress by playing games. I often play various shooters, so to speak, to blow off steam. Sometimes it is even useful to introduce yourself in the place of the enemy in the game, all those who bring stress into your life. I recently downloaded Gears of War from the pirate bay and relaxed as much as possible. I think that sometimes it is useful to sit down and spend a few hours in the game, immediately forget about all the difficulties and worries
Posted 15 Mar 2022

Zastavka says
For me, Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven is always in my heart. It's the best atmosphere. The best story. The best part of the series. A classic to know, honor, and respect.
Posted 15 Mar 2022

jukipol says
For me, video games are a way to get rid of stress and relax after a long working day. So my favorite video game is Minecraft. It's an open-world video game where you can play in single mode or play online. Personally, I prefer playing on online servers. I mostly play with my friends, and every time we play together, we work on projects like mansions or castles. To be honest, I really enjoy this activity. This is the only game that can offer you relief from your daily life and make you use your and develop your games.
Posted 06 Apr 2022

Jamie2 says
I love talking about various computer games. but now I have my personal favorite. I like the site called IceCasino because there are a lot of famous slots from all over the world. and only here you can take advantage of various bonuses. this is a nice little thing that will help increase your deposit and make it easier for you to learn how to play. I started with this
Posted 11 Apr 2022

Debecayd says
Now we are waiting for the hottest game: WotLK Classic to release! Come and join us!
Posted 31 May 2022

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