Pirate Bay in torrents?

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What is the role of the Pirate Bay in torrents?
Is the Pirate Bay a directory of these torrent files, is it a ready coded message relating to the desired file?
Posted 18 Mar 2022

alik123 says
The Pirate Bay is a directory of these torrent files, it is a ready coded message relating to the desired file. You want to watch a movie, you type the name of the movie into The Pirate Bay's search bar, and The Pirate Bay finds all the torrent files that match the description. You choose the best one for you, and go ahead. Thus, The Pirate Bay is a service that will provide you with the torrent files you need. With magnetic links, the name given to these files when they are in The Pirate Bay, you connect with the online network of other Pirate Bay users who come to your aid.
Posted 18 Mar 2022

maksbeb15 says
The Pirate Bay leads the way for high definition movies and other files and remains more popular than any other torrent site on the Internet, not only because its content is constantly updated, but also because of its easy-to-use interface, which includes nine dynamic web pages and a number of bittorrent trackers.
Posted 18 Mar 2022

vinikil says
I use another torrent site. 
Posted 18 Mar 2022

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Posted 02 Jan 2023

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