Eight Things You Should Expect In a Luxury Resort

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with someone enjoying the great comforts of life. If they work hard and manage their finances properly, they are certainly entitled to a little pampering from time to time. If they don't, they may be missing out on some of life's great experiences.

Let's say you've been working long enough to save money for a nice vacation. Let's further assume that you've decided to step it all up and treat yourself to the opportunity of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As part of that decision, luxury accommodations were booked. If you're not used to living like the rich and famous, you may not get what you pay for. To help you ensure your luxury accommodations are truly luxurious, here are 8 things to expect from your resort.

1. First class personalized service

If you have made the decision to pay for first class service that is what you are entitled to receive. At top-rated or top resorts in Coorg, staff are trained to provide you with personalized service. They will know you by name, they will know some, if not all, of your preferences, and they will go out of their way to make sure you feel special.

2. Access to secure storage

People who travel and use luxury accommodations often travel with significant assets, expensive clothing and premium jewellery. Luxury Resorts are aware of this and will ensure guests have access to safes and secure storage facilities.

3. Free internet access

It's amazing to realize that many Resorts still charge for internet access. If your luxury accommodations do not have free Wi-Fi, they are not luxury accommodations.

4. Branded plush bathrobes

It may sound a bit cliché, but best resorts in Madikeri really do provide guests with exquisite branded luxury bathrobes for use in the room, spa, and pool area. In many cases, the robes are coveted and available for purchase.

5. Room service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

People with money don't tend to live by the same rules as the average individual. They also tend to keep odd hours. For that reason, Resorts for the rich and famous often maintain 24/7 room service.

6. Luxury furniture and bedding

When you walk into a luxury resorts in Madikeri, the first thing you'll see will be a living room followed by the sleeping area or a separate bedroom. In the living room, you should see luxurious and comfortable furnishings and access to entertainment (music/TV). In the bedroom, you should see the finest mattress and bedding you've ever seen.

7. Butler service/personal cleaning

At the top end of the luxury Resort community are the best resorts and hotels. If you go to one of these types of accommodation, you may have access to a butler or maid whose job it is to attend to your every want/need.

8. Privileged location

The location of your luxury Resort should matter. You should expect to have wonderful views (oceans, mountains, city lights) and access to the best restaurants and entertainment the region has to offer.

To ensure you get the luxury experience you expect, you should check with the reservation agent to confirm the services and amenities you will get. If you don't hear mention of items in this list, you should keep looking.

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Posted 23 Mar 2022

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