Is Buying Plants Online A Good Idea?

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We buy everything online: groceries, paper goods, clothes, toys, cars, etc. So why not buy plants online too? If you love plants, even once you know where to buy houseplants, you may be looking for more than what your local garden store has to offer. But is it a good idea to buy indoor plants online?

There is no short answer to this question. While buying plants online provides convenience and a potentially larger selection, you'll probably pay more for plants purchased online than you would if you could find them locally. On the other hand, several reputable growers sell their plants online, and the plants they provide are likely to be of higher quality than a plant you find on a shelf at your local store.

By buying plants locally, it is not difficult to find out which plants will be successful in your environment. Local nurseries often have plants in stock that will survive in the local environment. Of course, this doesn't apply as much to houseplants, but it's essential to make sure the plants you buy do well in their new home. When you add the Internet to the equation, you open up a whole world of climates and ecosystems that may not exist in your area. You can look up your USDA hardiness zone to match the plants you are buying to the zone you live in so your plants have the best chance to thrive. Houseplants are less of a problem as they tend to prefer the same temperature range that most humans live in. Be sure to check the plant's light, water, and humidity requirements before purchasing. With both indoor and outdoor plants, make sure you don't pose unintended health or environmental risks to the people and places around you.


When shopping for outdoor plants online Chennai, don't be fooled by photos of large, lush plants. There will usually be a "size on arrival" part of the description, as the plants you receive will likely be much smaller than the photos you see online. Smaller plants are easier and cheaper to ship. You should also consider how large the plants you are ordering will be. With a little luck and a lot of care, your little line plants will thrive and grow to their full potential. Make sure you have room for the full version of what you order. It's also worth noting that sometimes online nurseries ship outdoor plants only when you need to plant them. This means you may have to wait until fall to get your new bulbs and spring to get new trees and shrubs.


As mentioned above, buying plants online can be more expensive than buying them at your local stores, especially if you're looking for trendy plants. But, if you're buying lots of plants or quantities of trees or shrubs, you can get a small discount on items or shipping from online retailers for bio wall garden Chennai. However, if you are looking for a specific plant and are having a hard time finding it, it may be worth paying a premium to have that special plant delivered to your doorstep. Ultimately, if you do your research and find fair prices for the plants you want, the choice comes down to how much you want that plant.

What you get

If you've never ordered plants online before, you may not know what to expect when they show up on your porch. Your plants should arrive securely packaged in boxes from BEST PLANT SHOP in Chennai and will be potted, soil wrapped, or bare rooted. Bare root plants will have very little, if any, soil and should be planted as soon as possible. If you can't plant a bare root plant as soon as it arrives, storing it in the crisper drawer of your fridge will do just fine (if it fits). Outdoor plants may be dormant when they arrive, as there are specific seasons when you should plant them. Don't be surprised if your outdoor plants don't seem so cheerful when they arrive; they will get there. Indoor plants should be quite lively when you receive them.

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Posted 23 Mar 2022

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