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For years Thermo Mechanically Treated bars or TMT Bars have been a symbol of strength and endurance. However, when preparing to build a new home or commercial complex, you look for the best materials, right? The market is flooded with various brands of TMT steel bars. If you want quality for a lifetime, you need to do your homework.

As a customer, you expect full value for the money you spend and don't want to compromise in the slightest when purchasing TMT rebar for construction. Generally, geographic location and climatic conditions determine the choice of building materials. Here are some additional points to consider before purchasing TMT steel bars.

1. Use high quality virgin iron ore

High quality virgin iron ore is the raw material used to make from TMT Steel Bars Manufacturers in South India. The use of scrap or ingots will result in poor quality that will affect the strength of the structure. It is advisable to buy TMT bars from manufacturers with strict adherence to quality standards. This ensures strength, ductility and maximum production.

2. Manufacturing process

A controlled steelmaking process reduces the level of impurities and increases strength. A higher level of impurities decreases the strength of the steel in extreme hot and cold conditions. It is also important to ensure that rebar is more ductile so that it absorbs energy beyond regular performance limits. This helps buildings withstand earthquakes and natural disasters.

3. Grade

The ladle refining process gives TMT bars superior quality. It is necessary to determine the grade of the steel bars. To construct buildings in earthquake prone areas, superior quality of TMT from TMT Steel Bars Manufacturers is recommended. According to ISI standards, Fe 500 is a top grade of TMT steel bars recommended for most civil construction.

4. Design

It is interesting to note that TMT double rib steel bars are of better quality than other products on the market. This unique technology adds strength and weather resistance to TMT steel bars. The choice of double ribbed bars provides a better grip on the concrete, adding life to the building.

5. Anticorrosive

If you intend to build a house in a highly flood-prone area, you need to purchase TMT corrosion resistant steel bars. Good quality TMT steel bars resist salt water, moisture content in the atmosphere, and other elements that weaken the structure. This will protect the building for a long period of time.

6. Flexibility

Ductility and malleability make TMT steel bars suitable for all types of construction. This property greatly reduces the appearance of cracks. The flexibility of TMT steel bars prevents breakage due to strong seismic tremors, high-grade shocks and concrete permeability.

7. Certification

As a customer, it is important to choose certified TMT steel bars. Choosing reputable brands over others gives you a sense of confidence and satisfaction. You need to research about the best TMT brands available in your region. Good TMT Bar Supplier will usually have BIS or ISO certification. It is always better to get information from blogs, videos or even word of mouth from reliable sources to avoid being scammed.

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Posted 23 Mar 2022

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