How do I fix my Printer?

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Most of the time, a printer works without fanfare and then all of a sudden the printer doesn't print or starts throwing error messages. Here are some reasons why a printer won't print or doesn't print correctly, and how to fix those problems.
Causes of a printer not printing
When you need to know why your printer isn't printing, the possible causes fall into six categories:
Basic problems.
Printing problems on wired and wireless networks.
USB printing problems.
Software updates and printer driver problems.
paper jams
Problems with ink and toner.
Check the basics first
Before jumping into the other causes of printer problems, answer these questions:
Is the printer turned on?
Is it connected to the computer?
Do you have paper and toner or ink?
Has power? (Hint: if it has lights, it has power.)
The solutions to these fundamental problems are self-explanatory. In the case of power, the power strip or surge protector that the printer is plugged into may be turned off or faulty. If this is the case, connect the printer to an alternate power source.

Posted 30 Mar 2022

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